From Products to Experience Ecosystems Red Bull

Red Bull is the king of the experience ecosystem

It has created a media empire in which the product itself is secondary to the activities that the customer engages in and cherishes.

Red Bull has built a rock-solid association with high octane sports,
from cycling to Formula One

It lives this through every touchpoint, creating a volume of content so substantial that it owns its own Media House, producing just about every type of digital and traditional content you could imagine. It operates a TV station; prints one of the biggest magazines in the world; produces documentaries, movies and music; and runs a market-leading digital strategy offering of web TV, web radio, online games (leveraging its association with competitiveness), newsfeeds and digital databases.

It runs more than 900 domains in 36 languages under the umbrella of, and is one of the top five sports content producers on YouTube globally.


Throughout its operation, it entertains its young, marketing-cynical audience by showing daredevil, extreme, epic content that people want to watch.

Red Bull has turned into a media empire that also happens to sell a beverage.

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