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Nike was long accustomed to providing entertainment through
its high-budget communications

But it has been its move into utility that has seen it become central to the world of running, breaking out of category barriers to create new category conventions. This success has not come through product features, but by focusing on the consumer.

The Nike+ platform is one of the
world’s most successful examples
of brand utility

It provides a rich, deep world around running. At its simplest, it is a free smartphone app which tracks your runs. In addition to monitoring and visualizing your activity, it creates a new ability to connect your running activity to your friends and the wider running community. It allows you to set personal and group challenges, compete and be cheered on. It has transformed this historically solitary and difficult- to-record sport into something visible, social and competitive – fit for the modern age and consumer and digital databases

Most striking is the open door policy: the app is free and available to all whether or not you own a Nike product. This apparently generous, consumer-focused move has drawn new consumers into the brand and has enabled Nike+ to become the favoured platform across the sport, all while reinforcing the core identity of Nike.


Nike is no longer a shoe or apparel
manufacturer, but a brand that connects sports and life. This position gives the brand credibility
to expand to almost any audience
across a huge range of categories.

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