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In the past, efficiency in vehicles was a static figure – mpg

This pre-purchase consideration was set, and would only
deteriorate over the lifespan of the car.

Fiat transformed this norm into an ongoing education and conversation with its drivers

This fulfilled a genuinely useful role in their lives and for the environment. Its eco:Drive platform allows drivers to track the efficiency of their driving over time. It identifies four key efficiency criteria and scores you on each, encouraging you to improve your driving habits, cutting your fuel consumption and emissions.

eco:Drive creates online tutorials in those areas that you need to improve the most, using personalized journey data to identify where you’re going wrong and what you should do. It introduces a competitive aspect by tracking your progress over time and allowing you to set yourself challenges.


There are also social and gaming aspects to eco:Drive, connecting you to a global online community of eco:Drivers.

Fiat has turned something which was once viewed as regrettable and unchangeable into a compelling experience of genuine utility to
its users and wider society.

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