From Products to Experience Ecosystems

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Brands and consumers
are demanding more of
each other

But if you want your brand to get more from consumers, you need to
give more. You need to provide things of real value and relevance.

As touchpoints fragment and competition proliferates, the brands creating the most impact make every interaction with consumers add as much value as the product or service itself.

This principle isn’t just the preserve
of the likes of Red Bull

Any brand that wants to build a relationship with consumers in the online world must think first of what they can offer the consumer – not what they can get out of them. But this isn’t just about giving discounts or loyalty points – those sorts of things are a dime a dozen.

This is about creating things that generate greater meaning for consumers – either by being useful, being highly entertaining and immersive, or by facilitating social connections.

To do this, brands need to stop thinking about communications, and start thinking about content – content that has genuine value in people’s lives.

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