From Uniform & Impersonal to Personalized & Targeted

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In recent times many businesses have been forced
to prioritize their commercial agenda above all else

A focus on efficiency means consolidation of efforts and streamlining
of consumer experiences and communications.

The danger with this is that brand and marketing initiatives become
less specific and therefore less relevant to the consumers they
are aimed at.

Yet conversely...

In a world where consumers are being bombarded with a proliferation of messages
via an ever growing number of devices, personalization is key. 
The ‘T-shaped attention span’ is effectively a coping mechanism – a method to filter and personalize what people consume.

But the truth is that personalization is something brands can and should be helping their audiences with. With the explosion of Big Data we now have the information that enables us to do this – but what is key is getting to the right bits of this information.

The real opportunity is to focus on the value that Big Data can bring your consumers, rather than the value it will bring your business.

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