From Uniform & Impersonal to Personalized & Targeted ESPN

Making it personal

ESPN produces thousands of unique pieces of sports content a
day, with everything from news to analysis to podcasts. However,
much of this content is difficult to discover and consume. ESPN challenged itself to deliver this content to fans in a way that
was immediate, popular and personally relevant.

They developed SportsCenter Feed,
a personalized content app based on
a user’s interests such as favourite city, team and sport

The app pulls in the most relevant content from across the network, displaying
it chronologically and facilitating immediate consumption and social sharing.
A single swipe allows users to move in real-time across all sports, with easy options to further narrow down the type of content e.g. live scores, news, analysis, video, and Twitter and Facebook posts. Personalized alerts can
also be set up for particular teams and leagues.


Sports consumption is inherently personal, and ESPN has leveraged this to provide greater relevance for their user and a greater audience for their own content. In reducing barriers to entry and providing users with a genuinely personalized sports portal, ESPN has carved out a place for itself in a highly competitive publishing sphere.

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