From Uniform & Impersonal to Personalized & Targeted eBay

Ever since Amazon led the way
with recommendation functions, personalization has been key
to ecommerce

eBay continues to introduce innovations which transfer control to users, most recently introducing significant new functions creating
a more personalized viewing and browsing experience.

Introducing a unique new homepage

eBay Collections allows users, brands and sellers to create and follow visual collections – handpicked items grouped by whatever takes your interest.
Although visually similar to Pinterest, collections are distinguished by being instantly shoppable – a collection acts as a virtual boutique tailored to your interests.

A number of these collections create a virtual high street, unique to the user
and to eBay. The Collections concept offers sellers the opportunity to build a following, and their instant nature also means that eBay can react to trends and create boards that are completely relevant to the latest online conversations.


Collections gives control back
to the user, helping them to
follow their passions while
directing them to a wider range
of more relevant products.

A combination of the fun and
the functional, this personalization creates a shopping experience
that is better for user, seller
and brand.

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