From Single to Multiple Marketing Roles

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Successful brands are adaptable and brave enough to engage on
the consumer’s terms

They flex to ensure they deliver a relevant experience across all points of encounter.

As such, these brands have developed an active essence full of purpose that acts as a springboard, driving action and guiding brand behavior, establishing when to show leadership and when to relinquish the reins to consumers - not least through co-creation.

As caretakers of successful brands, marketers will increasingly need to play different roles themselves

They are readily prepared to shift from brand manager to community manager, from brand guardian to brand journalist, from content creator to curator, from leader to listener.

In the long term, marketing departments will reinvent themselves - new skills
will be required to facilitate and enrich these new relationships. Before resources evolve, in the short to medium term new processes or partners will enable marketers to be nimble in adapting their brands to consumer desire.

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