From Static to Mobilized United

22% of the world’s top 50 airlines do not have a mobile optimized site

This is despite the inherent on-the-go nature of the airline industry.
United Airlines has made a stand in this area with their free mobile app.

The app contains a number
of features travelers are coming
to expect

Mobile boarding passes, flight bookings, check in, flight status information and airport maps. In addition, the app works as an inflight entertainment service, allowing customers to browse through and watch 150 movies and 200 television shows while on a flight if they are connected to the airline’s wi-fi service.


To develop the app, United accompanied
more than 100 customers on their trips, from packing, getting to the airport, catching connections and enduring delays, to better understand specific needs.

One simple result was the relocation of key buttons to the bottom of the screen to allow customers to easily reach them with a thumb when only one hand is available. This detail demonstrates United’s commitment to being truly relevant to their customers’ needs in specific formats, rejecting a one-size-fits-all digital policy.

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