From Static to Mobilized Ikea

With its huge portfolio of products, Ikea has long relied heavily on its printed catalog to communicate the full breadth of its offer to consumers

While they’ve innovated online, digital was never used to bring
the catalog asset to life.

In 2014, Ikea overhauled its functional mobile application to provide a new level of interactivity and applicability

Using augmented reality, consumers can scan particular furniture items in the catalog with their phone and superimpose them on their own home, allowing users to instantly see how a product would look.


More than 6.2 million people installed the application, with the average person spending
8 minutes with it – 5 minutes more than they spent flipping through the catalog.

Ikea has claimed that the app helps customers with their buying decision making, breaking down a customer barrier in real-time by putting the power to judge an item in context in the hands
of their consumers.

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