From Static to Mobilized

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Just like electricity, mobile technology is a constant in people’s lives

It’s something we just can’t do without. It goes with us everywhere: our watch, our wake-up call, our personal organizer, our to do list, our sat nav, our oracle. It’s the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we look at before bed. It’s increasingly the way we choose to consume all manner of things, even when we are not ‘mobile’.

Yet many brands aren’t enabling us to engage how and when we want to

How often is the mobile version of a brand experience substandard compared to the full online experience accessible on a PC? And how often is there still no adapted mobile version at all…

To succeed, brands have to develop a mobile-first mindset, following three key principles:

  • Rich – it’s a rich medium and so any branded content needs to support this experience
  • Relevant – effectively you can contact the consumer at any time, when they are in any demand moment. Make sure you reach them at a relevant time with a relevant message or it’ll fall on deaf ears
  • Real-time – be able to react and respond in the moment

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