From Continuity to Disruption Airbnb

For decades, the hotel industry has seen very little innovation

Growth was driven by big demand, lack of options, and brand loyalty.  Airbnb has taken this static industry by storm with its simple ‘sharing economy’ model – an online service which enables hosts to rent out
their homes or spare bedrooms, creating a huge pool of characterful,
low price accommodation for travellers.

Founded in 2008, today Airbnb has
over 500,000 properties listed across 190 countries

This represents an army of small scale independent hoteliers, with fresh ideas and an entirely personal relationship with their visitors which hotels struggle to equal. Airbnb’s extensive reviewing system creates a level of transparency and openness (much desired by today’s consumer) which the
major hotel brands just aren’t providing.

They’ve also been at pains to stand apart from the stiff formality of these chains by focusing their marketing on the three things travelers are looking for – location, service and value – creating, for example, city neighborhood guides to reach out to young travelers looking to explore the world.


By creating disruptive new ways
to give travelers the experience
they want, Airbnb has moved from start up to billion dollar business
in just five years, and is soon expected to become the world’s largest hotelier.

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