From Continuity to Disruption

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Brands have long stood
for consistency...

...a dependable consumer experience driven by a business model that draws efficiency from repetition, streamlining and mass production. 

Yet things have changed.
New technologies have spawned
new possibilities and as many new business models

In many cases this makes the old ways irrelevant, and causes category disruption impossible a few years ago – think Kodak and Instagram, Avis and zipcar, Marriott and airbnb. What’s interesting is that these disruptions don’t always come from within a category – often, they involve complete reframing of the territory by an unknown yet provocative outsider.

To fit themselves for such challenges, brands must ensure they have the mindset of an entrepreneur – less reductive, more disruptive. One way to do this is to stay in step with culture, keeping abreast of change and spotting opportunities to evolve, being prepared to draw inspiration from outside their own category in order to introduce fresh thinking. This enables brands to remain relevant and head off disruptive challenges before they arise.

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