From Linear to Multiple The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Batman franchise has become distinguished as a leader in
viral, transmedia marketing

The campaign for the first film gathered over 10 million participants
in more than 75 countries, who played across hundreds of web pages, interactive games, mobile phones, print, email, real world events,
video and unique collectibles.

The campaign was distinguished by
its inventiveness and variety

Starting with a small community of dedicated fans, the campaign spread over the internet and real world with such activities as online clue trails leading to orders for real-world action (congregating in full Joker facepaint at global landmarks), directions to pick up cakes in bakeries around the US containing hidden ‘Joker-phones’ which provided further content and instructions, and ‘Dentmobiles’ – campaign vehicles supporting real-world demonstrations for the film’s mayoral candidate. The activity eventually led to the discovery of a trailer for the film, vandalized by the Joker character which was then ‘leaked’ online to a wider audience.

The campaign produced a world of activity and content but discrete activities within this, meaning that consumers could participate or watch according to their levels of interest and without needing involvement from the start.


This approach put the power to discover, and even take part in,
the story in the hands of consumers, and contributed to the film generating the biggest opening
day box office revenues of all time.

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