From Saying to Doing

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Marketing used to be
a one-way street

It was all about management and transmission. Most brands now get the fact that they the need to invite consumer participation, but today’s most successful brands go way beyond this. They don’t just invite consumers in: they play
a valued and valuable role in people’s lives.  And to do this they have an active purpose sitting right at the very core of their brand architecture.

This purpose is driven to deliver

In this day and age, ‘saying’ is cheap; it’s what you ‘do’ that counts. It drives innovation, priorities and how you view customer relationships and journeys. Active, purpose-driven brands place as much emphasis on brand behaviours
as on communications. They recognise that when a consumer buys their product, it’s not the end of the relationship – it’s just the beginning.

Brands need to move from static, controlled
and rigid to active, inspiring and purposeful.

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